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34 [AR News] Take A Tour Through Lexington in Augmented Reality 첨부파일 2018.10.19
33 [VR/AR News] Texan Pilots Use Oculus Go For In-Flight Navigational Guidance 첨부파일 2018.10.18
32 [VR/AR News] How The Weather Channel Made That Insane Storm Surge Animation 첨부파일 2018.10.17
31 [VR News]HADO Announces 2019 Pro AR League 첨부파일 2018.10.16
30 [VR/AR News] New Report By VR Intelligence & ZeroLight Shows Immersive Experiences Are Working 첨부파일 2018.10.15
29 [VR News]Oculus Launch Rift Software Update 첨부파일 2018.10.12
28 [MR News] RemoteSpark Offers Mixed Reality Remote Worker Platform 첨부파일 2018.10.10
27 [VR News] VR reduces pain during exercise, finds study 첨부파일 2018.10.08
26 [VR News] Macy’s Brings VR Ad Campaign To 69 Stores In Conjunction With Facebook & Marxent 첨부파일 2018.10.05
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