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27 [VR News] VR reduces pain during exercise, finds study 첨부파일 2018.10.08
26 [VR News] Macy’s Brings VR Ad Campaign To 69 Stores In Conjunction With Facebook & Marxent 첨부파일 2018.10.05
25 [VR News] Exploring innovations for VR in the cinematic realm 첨부파일 2018.10.01
24 [VR News] Google’s ‘YouTube VR’ App is Coming to Oculus Go Soon 첨부파일 2018.09.28
23 [VR News] Elon Musk Wants to Livestream SpaceX Moon Mission in “high def VR” 첨부파일 2018.09.21
22 [AR News] Facebook appears set on crafting custom silicon for augmented reality devices 첨부파일 2018.09.19
21 [VR/AR News] Vancouver’s VR/AR Global Summit Puts Content First 첨부파일 2018.09.17
20 [AR News] Apple AR glasses: News and rumors about ‘Project Mirrorshades’ 첨부파일 2018.09.14
19 [VR News] Best VR Shooter games for Rift, Vive , PSVR, and Windows VR 첨부파일 2018.09.12
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