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16 [VR News] San Diego’s Nanome Inc. Releases Collaborative VR-STEM Software For Free 첨부파일 2018.09.05
15 [VR News] VR Game Releases For September 2018 첨부파일 2018.09.03
14 [VR News] Oculus Education brings VR pilot programs to Seattle, Japan, and Taiwan 첨부파일 2018.08.31
13 [VR News] Medical school goes Virtual!! 첨부파일 2018.08.29
12 [VR/AR News] 10 Projects That Have Us Excited About the Next Generation of VR & AR 첨부파일 2018.08.27
11 [VR NEWS] Opening of the World’s first VR Zoo in Southern China. 첨부파일 2018.08.22
10 [VR NEWS] Drone Champions League with VR goggles. 첨부파일 2018.08.17
9 [VR NEWS] Mega VR Cinema Planned for Beijing 첨부파일 2018.08.14
8 [VR/AR NEWS] VR E-sports Series Launched in China 첨부파일 2018.08.09
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