China VR AR & Visual Entertaiment Show 2018

Concurrent Events

VISCON (Visual Entertainment and contents conference)

A number of pre-existing conferences and seminars on facilities and industrial technology in China. More focusing on visual contents and entertainment, it is about the future contents of all new technologies expecially in VR/AR.
Consists of the industrial landscape and development of arts, media, and contents centering on visual show and entertaining aspects.

VRㆍAR Start-up investment pitch

Most start-ups and SMEs in China are expected to participate.
By inviting the high quality investors and buyers at home and abroad, you can successfully make some business networking with them.

China and Korea biz matching

By tying up with China and Korea VR Industry Association, we can match your business interest about the k-contents or technologies to the proper company and vice versa.

New product launching ceremony

Show us your marvelous progress! Congratulate together and enthusiast can experience your new product. Try to watch their fast and vivid response in real time.

Visual contents award

Who is the best attractive Contents? By on/off site voting, the award will be given through comprehensive evaluation.

VRㆍAR amusement park (Attraction zone)

The largest VR AR play zone in the exhibition hall.
Enjoy the latest games, attractions and wearable devices.
Here is a fantastic visual show including digital signage, hologram, visual facade and 3D artwork.
Let's play in the VR AR Amusement Park! That make you forget the passing of time.